Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Josef Fritzl the Austrian dad who kept his daughter imprisoned and sexually abused beneath his house

Fritzl’s action in Austria raised so many different comments about a national character or Psyche.
In the case of Austria, this has bought many aspects of the Nazi period to mind. Some of which it is suggested may contribute to Fritzl’s characteristics. Journalists and commentators have discussed the role of state/government during this time, and allude to the process of de-nazification following World War 2 (1939-45) which is said not to have occurred in post-war Austria. Several reports suggest that these issues have not been ‘dealt with’. Fritzl’s wife is reported to have had little or no knowledge of his deeds, and probably have not dared to challenge him.
This is also suggested as reminiscent of the way women were treated during the era of National Socialism (this term will be discussed later).

The debate continues as more detail emerges.

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