Wednesday, 30 April 2008


Today I'd like to talk about evolution. Of course not in its scientific aspect. Recently I feel that my life has been under a great evolution. I think I have had radical changes in my thoughts and feelings. This blog is the one of the results of that evolution.

Have you had the same evolution?

Shall we let her/him go? another aspect

Yesterday when I was browsing the internet I found an intersting article in which the author complained about those who just leave a realtionship or friendship without any further explanation of why they are not intersted to continue. I think the author was right. If we are not intersted in our relationship/friendship with somebody we should tell that person why we don't want to continue and not responding to text messages, IMs or emails looks childsish and not reasonable reactions. We are not allowed to make people suspended. Remember the moralities!

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Shall we let her/him go?

I was reading an impressing weblog. The author explained that his lover who was a very close friend has left him and he thought it was his fault that she has gone. He said about good times they had together, the happiness and laughs and now she's gone. I thought whether he should have let her go or he should asked her to stay? Love is not forceable. We can not force people to love us but sometimes we need to try. May be the other person needs to know the extent of our love. I think he needed to insist her to stay but if she really wanted to go , he should have let her go.

Monday, 28 April 2008


Last night I was chatting with a friend and believing or not believing in destiny. When something happens in our lives (such as happiness or sadness) many may think 'well, it's destiny' but I can not accpet that. I think we are responsible towards our actions (right or wrong) and if something catches us again it is 'us' who is responsible to take action towards that. To me human beings are not neutral. We are responsible for what we do.
So try to make the best decisions/actions.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

That's the life

Happy or sad, alone or in a group, simple or complex, funny or serious it is the life. We have to accpet many facts/realities that impose to us. We call it 'life'. Those who are strong try to compromise between what life has forced them and what they want to have but there are some people that take it too hard. I am not in the second group but accpeting what has been imposed to me is a little bit difficult.

I have two problems now. One is when I am trying to sign in and the Blogger do not recognize me and the other is linking to the search engines. Yesterday I did something but I need to take more time to put my URL in Google. It is not very difficult.

Saturday, 26 April 2008


Have you thought about your imaginations? Yesterday I shut my eyes and saw what I wished to see. It was nice. I thought what happened if my imagination came true?
Sometimes imaginations help us to build the future but sometimes they draw us back. So be careful!

Thursday, 24 April 2008


In my last post I talked about friendship.Yesterday I spend quality time with a friend whom I know for about five years. It is good to feel resoponsible towards friends and it will be the best if you appreciate this feelings and show it in return.

Another point that is still in my mind is how I can link this page to other pages and how this page can be found in search engines. I will focus on that later.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

In our lives we face different stages some of which easy to pass some very hard. yesterday was one those hard days which I passed successfull with the support of my friends. May be I didn't understand the real meaning of frinedship until two days ago when all my friends sent me texts messages, emails and even phone calls and wished me the best of luck in my big day. This encouragement helped me to re-gain my strength and stood for what I reserved. Although I am that sort of person who likes friends more than anything else but yesterday I found out how important a good friend could be in our lives.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

women and the new life style

I have asked a friend's commnet on the name of this page. We came to this conclusion that 'wallpaper' can be a better name for this post. Last time when I posted my page, I googled it and surprisingly I couldn't find my page either by the name of the blog or the title. Therefore,I decided to plan on what I am going to do next regarding this page. My friend has accepted to help me to do this as we'd like to show women's life in less developed countries. As bilinguals we like to speak in English to enable more people to read and comment on this page. We'll try to update this page to have more issues to talk. We also will explain about our aims in this blog. We will try to have an intellcetual discussion that benefits all.

Talk to you soon and hope you can find us easily.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Women and new life style

I have just created this. I'd like to talk about women and their status in the world especially in the less developed countries. But I don't want to limit the discussion. We can expand it to other issues as well.

I'd like to share my ideas to all of you who read this page. Let's give it a go. Please send me your ideas and what you like to talk about.

Waiting to hear from you