Sunday, 20 April 2008

women and the new life style

I have asked a friend's commnet on the name of this page. We came to this conclusion that 'wallpaper' can be a better name for this post. Last time when I posted my page, I googled it and surprisingly I couldn't find my page either by the name of the blog or the title. Therefore,I decided to plan on what I am going to do next regarding this page. My friend has accepted to help me to do this as we'd like to show women's life in less developed countries. As bilinguals we like to speak in English to enable more people to read and comment on this page. We'll try to update this page to have more issues to talk. We also will explain about our aims in this blog. We will try to have an intellcetual discussion that benefits all.

Talk to you soon and hope you can find us easily.

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